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From our Farm to your Family

Do you love shopping for groceries online? Now you can order a frozen poultry box directly from your local, BC farmer. Enjoy premium and unique cuts of poultry while avoiding the grocery store crowds. Our cage free, humanely farmed products are raised, processed, and shipped out directly from our family farm in Yarrow to your doorstep.

Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics

The duck and goose farm


We are five generation family farm, from Yarrow. Our passion is raising unique poultry for families in BC, using the best farming practices available. You can taste the difference that local makes.

Shipping frozen poultry


Your frozen poultry is packed with ice packs in an insulated box, and picked up directly off our farm (not from a grocery store). It’s shipped straight to your doorstep, and arrives frozen solid.

Family cooking poultry


Stock your freezer with healthy, quality meat for your family. You’ll always have the best in BC-raised poultry on hand for your loved ones, whether you’re cooking from scratch or heating up a ready-to-eat option.

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Recent Reviews

We ordered the barbecue duck in our last order, it was delicious, we made a stir fry one night, ramen for lunch the next day, all after enjoying warmed duck for dinner. There is just 2 of us in our family, so we got a lot out of one duck.

Denny Stobbart

I placed an order on Monday and it was delivered in less than 24hrs. So far we've tried the duck confit and the farmers sausage. I'm very happy with both of them.

Sheila Schumann

Can't say enough good things about these products. Delicious!

Claire Desrochers

Ordered lots of produce and it arrived within 24 hours! The duck is delicious! Thank you Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry.

Blair Hirtle

I've ordered from fvsp and the box full was amazing, fast service great quality...well worth the try for anyone.

Mark Walters

I recently received my first order. The product is amazing and the service outstanding. It was worth partnering with 2 of my friends to place a large order and save on the delivery. Fantastic find. Fantastic poultry.

Dean Rohrs

Get high quality, wonderful tasting poultry and support local business at the same time! Our second order just arrived and right on time. Thank you FVSP!!

Al Stobbart

The meat quality is really good. As a Taiwanese family, we are glad to find Loong Kong chickens. We had great chicken soup with it! Every part is delicious! The duck breasts are wonderful too! Thanks again for the great products and outstanding services! Will continue supporting local for sure!

Joyce Yang

I’ve had my first order of this chicken and I had some of the chicken thighs the other day it was the juiciest most tender delicious chicken I’ve had in a while

Patricia Lessard

Made some awesome smoked duck burgers with ground duck from my last delivery for dinner last night. I was really pleased with how lean the meat was, made for some fantastic burgers!

Mike Lonsdale

By the way, that smoked duck is the best duck I have ever had in my life, including all the Peking duck I have ever had, here, Richmond, Taiwan, Macau, HK, anywhere!

Elisa Aisenstat

I just received my order yesterday and can't say enough about the fabulous customer service I received! This company takes pride in their product and insures that YOU the customer are completely satisfied. I am anxious to cook up a meal and have no doubt it will be as good or even better than my experience so far with Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, two thumbs up!👍👍

A. I. Buckler

I am thrilled with my order! The pepperoni is delicious mild but flavourful! The farmer sausage was really tasty not overly salty and very meaty. Not fatty. The prices are not very different from what I’ve seen in our local grocery store freezer section so I felt it was a good option for purchasing during this pandemic.

Randi Jonasson

my order arrived quickly to vancouver island,frozen and well wrapped[they notified me when it was coming[ with a handwritten thank you note,great service!!!

Dulcy Anne

THIS is why we support local businesses as much as we can. Right now one of the best things you can do is BUY LOCAL, this supports your local economy, keeps your town employed wherever possible, and supports local farming. Can't wait to cook this up, and try the roast chicken recipe they included!!!

Jacqueline Penner

Just received our order. It is the best packaged items we have ever received! Looking forward to Duck Confit tonight! :)

Adrienne Hammond

We roasted one of your delicious ducks for our early family Christmas on Sunday. We could not believe how flavorful, tender and juicy it was.

Janice Patterson

Pepperoni and farmer sausage outstanding. Coming back for amazing selection of Fraser Valley duck.

Jane Petruniak

Great bunch of people. Very knowledgeable in all there products. Extremely helpful and very respectful to everyone. Great tasting products as well. 10 out of 10 over all!

Mat H

I got my order a couple days ago! They are so well packed and I am so happy that I made the purchase! We were not around when the package was arrived. But The sweet delivery lady waited till we got home! Thanks!

Michelle Wells

We are so grateful for our FVSP chicken box. Delivery was fast and the items were super well packed and preserved. We got a good supply of chicken legs to last us awhile and I was really impressed with the duck farmer’s sausage. We can’t wait to try the blueberry sausage.

Jesse Marchand

Thank you! Arrived in a timely manner and really impressed with the packing! Will order again!

Myrna Wilson

I have been enjoying your chicken in the past couple of weeks. I am impressed with how moist and tasty it is. The other thing I have discovered is that it makes an amazing stock! I love buying local and am delighted when turns out to be a win win

Heather Corney

Love duck. Been a duck gourmet for many years. You have the best duck sausage I've ever tasted. We ordered three. Will be ordering more. Yum!

Michael Colgsn

So far I have tried the smoked duck breast, and the boneless chicken breasts and the wings. I am not fond of duck but oh my goodness it was so delicious! The chicken breasts were moist and plump. My husband loved the wings. So glad to have found you, will definitely be getting my poultry from you going forward.

Brenda Erickson

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