Placing my order

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, $100 is the minimum order. We do this for several reasons. First, in order to optimize shipping arrangements, there must be a minimum order. Second, it’s important to have plenty of frozen poultry packed in tight together – if it’s just one piece with an ice pack, the meat will get bumped around, resulting in a less quality product. Third, it’s more efficient in terms of packaging to send more at one time, rather than many small orders.

Is there a maximum order?

There is no maximum order at this time. This may change in the event that our inventory is affected by high volume.

Where do you ship to?

Our plant is authorized to process poultry for sale in BC only, and we cannot ship or sell our products outside of the province.

We ship within the province of British Columbia, including Vancouver Island. We use FedEx as our carrier, so if FedEx Priority can reach you, then so can a frozen box of poultry.

FedEx Priority CANNOT ship to the following postal codes:

Any code beginning with V0
V1G 0A0 to V1G 5Z9
V1H 0A0 to V1H 2Z9
V1J 0A0 to V1J 9Z9
V1K 0A0 to V1K 1Z9
V1L 1A0 to V1L 6Z9
V1L 7A0 to V1L 9Z9
V1N 0A0 to V1N 0Z9
V1N 1A0 to V1N 4Z9
V1R 1A0 to V1R 4Z9
V2G 0A0 to V2G 4Z9
V2G 5A0 to V2G 9Z9
V2J 0A0 to V2J 7Z9
V8A 0A0 to V8A 5Z9
V8C 0A0 to V8C 2Z9
V8C 1A0 to V8C 2Z9
V8C 5A0 to V8G 5Z9
V8G 0A0 to V8G 5Z9
V8J 0A0 to V8J 4Z9
V8K 0A0 to V8K 2Z9
V9G 0A0 to V9G 2Z9
V9J 1A0 to V9J 1Z9
V9K 0A0 to V9K 2Z9

Do I need an account to place an order?

You have the option to checkout as a guest without creating an account. We encourage you to create an account in order to save your addresses and payment method, as well as see your order history for future reference. We are not subscription-based, so you do not need to monitor your account. We will only ship to you when you place an order.

Do you run any promotions?

Current promotion: Receive 10% off your first order!

Sign up on our website to receive your promo code for 10% off your first order!


Promo #2: post pictures of your meals for a chance to get 10% off your next order!

We are currently encouraging our customers to show us what they cook with our product through Social Media. Tag us on Instragram @fraservalleyspecialtypoultry and use the hashtags #farmtofamily and #fraservalleyspecialtypoultry

If we choose to feature your picture on our Instagram account, we will send you a promo code to get 10% off your next purchase!

For updates on our current promotions, sign up for our FVSP eNewsletter.


Is this a subscription service?

Not at this time. You select exactly what you want, and then we ship it to you. There are no recurring charges to keep on top of, or a calendar to monitor. When you want top-quality local poultry, just place your order and you’re good to go!

I own a restaurant or grocery store. Can I order products here for use in my business?

We recommend you get in touch with our wholesale order desk at 604-823-4435 ext. 221 or email orders@fvsp.ca

How do you calculate your prices?

Our prices are higher than what you might expect in a grocery store. This reflects the convenience, safety, and quality of receiving your frozen poultry directly from your farmer. We calculate our prices based on cost to raise our poultry, along with the hidden costs incurred in shipping.

Our poultry is raised, processed, and shipped from our farm to your family, which requires special materials:

  • Appropriate-sized box
  • Compostable and recyclable insulation materials
  • Additional materials, like plastic bag, brown paper, and packing tape
  • Shipping costs for a heavy box
  • Expedited shipping to ensure your box arrives frozen
  • Our poultry is specialty, meaning that we raise diverse breeds which require more custom care.
  • Our premium chicken is raised without the use of antibiotics, which requires extra considerations in flock management.




Can I pick up my order?

We are unable to offer pick-up at this time. Our packaging and shipping area is not set up to be safely accessible to the general public.

When will I get my frozen poultry box?

We calculate shipping times based on where you live. Shipping times can change depending on the season and inclement weather.

Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Whistler area, Fraser Valley, and Lower Mainland:

Orders are delivered Tuesday to Friday. No deliveries on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. To receive your order before the weekend, you must place your order before 10am on Wednesday.



Statutory holidays may affect shipping dates. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for our eNewsletters to get the latest on shipping information.

What's the cut-off time for ordering my frozen poultry box?

You can order our products whenever!

Local Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland

If you want your order before the weekend order by Wednesday by 10am.


Order by Tuesday at 10am to receive your order before the weekend.

Do I have to be home to accept my frozen poultry box?

No. Your frozen meat box is insulated and packed with ice packs, so it stays frozen solid until you get home the night of your delivery. If you think you’ll be away the entire day of your delivery, then please make arrangements with a kindly neighbour.

Can you deliver to an apartment?

Yes! If you have a controlled entrance, you need to be home, and provide us with your buzzer code for entry, and/or inform your concierge of the delivery. If you’ve had problems receiving packages in the past, you’re better off having it shipped to your workplace or a friend’s house.

How much does delivery cost?

There’s free shipping on orders above $150. If your order is between $100 and $149, you will be charged a $25 shipping fee.

What happens if I forget about my delivery?

It is up to you to ensure your frozen meat box is taken care of once it’s delivered. If you cannot be home on the day your frozen meat box arrives, please arrange with a friend to have them pick it up and put it in their freezer. We are not responsible for the care of your frozen meat after it has been delivered to you.

How long can I leave the meat in the box?

We recommend that you transfer your frozen poultry to your freezer as soon as you receive it.

Depending on how far away you live from us, your box will contain either frozen ice packs or dry ice, which will keep your poultry frozen until you can get home in the evening to put it in your freezer.

Dry ice dissipates between 24 and 48 hours from the time of shipment. We do not recommend you leave the frozen meat in its box overnight.

Can I ship my frozen meat box to an address other than my home address?

Absolutely yes! Send food to someone who can’t leave their home, ship gifts to your foodie friends, or help someone who is less fortunate and needs some help. You can ship your food to another address if you can’t be home for delivery.

You can manage your addresses in MY ACCOUNT. Please keep in mind that we only ship within BC.

Something went wrong with delivery. What do I do?

We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused! If your order arrives damaged, or if there’s any other problem, please get in touch with us through our CONTACT US page. It would be helpful if you would take pictures of the problem so we can visualize how to fix it.

Email online.store@fvsp.ca and we’ll get back to you asap.

What packaging do you use?

We don’t like excessive packaging, and neither do our customers! We use plain cardboard boxes, with insulation that is made completely out of paper products (so it’s both compostable and recyclable). We line the insulated box with a big clear plastic bag, then load it up with vacuum-sealed poultry and ice packs. We add a bit of brown paper so the meat won’t get jostled around, throw a few recipe cards and a thank you card on top, then seal it with regular box tape, and top it off with our own branded Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry branded tape.


How fresh is your frozen poultry?

All poultry is “freshly frozen” on a weekly basis. We raise and process the poultry on our home farm, freeze it immediately, then ship it to you.

Our ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products are prepared in large batches then frozen for shipment, several times throughout the year.

How long can I keep your poultry frozen?

We use top quality vacuum-sealed packs for our poultry. When you store our frozen poultry in a typical freezer that’s in good repair, you can consume it within 1 year of receiving your frozen meat box.

How should I defrost my frozen poultry?

The day before you intend you use your poultry, simply take the package out of your freezer and place it in your fridge without opening it. If you want to speed up that process and use it the same day, we recommend immersing the package in a vessel of cold water. Time varies depending on size – for example, chicken wings will defrost quickly while a whole duck will take much longer. Please see the Health Canada website for best practices of thawing meat.

Is there pork casing in your ready-to-eat duck products?

It is safe to eat pork casing. However, some people choose to abstain from pork for personal or religious reasons.

Our duck farmer sausage and duck blueberry sausage contain pork casing. Our smoked duck breast does not contain pork casing, but is processed in a facility that also processes smoked pork products.

How are you addressing the Coronavirus?

Farming is considered an “essential service” along with healthcare services, and as such we are staying in operation.

These are our year-round precautions to avoid illness:

  • A sterilizing team completely sanitizes our plant every evening, and we perform daily, weekly, and annual microbial tests on surfaces. That means we sample the surfaces and test them for germs every day.
  • All new employees, no matter if it’s a desk job or a packaging job, attend a mandatory orientation day to learn safe food handling.
  • All plant employees must wear fresh, clean clothes every day, and are provided with sanitized overcoats, hard hat, safety goggles, gloves, and steel-toed boots for work.
  • Our employees are enrolled in a training program to teach safe food handling.
  • We have weekly “Toolbox Meetings” to discuss best safety practices. We discuss a new topic every week.
  • It’s one man’s full time job to inspect every single bird we process. This BC Government Inspector assesses every single duck, chicken, squab, goose, and turkey before it can be packaged and shipped off to you.
  • Our farm manager does health checks on our flocks throughout the day. We continually weigh and assess our birds to make sure they’re doing well, and we have a healthcare plan in place if we suspect our flock is unwell. The health of our duck and organic chicken is of utmost importance to us, especially because we do not use antibiotics with them.

Because we ship directly from our sanitized plant to your door, it significantly decreases the spread of COVID-19 through direct contact (when compared to visiting a grocery store, or ordering through a service that requires heavy handling and packaging of your products).

How do I prepare the duck confit?

Fully defrost the duck confit using your favourite method. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees, remove the confit from its plastic packaging, and place on a baking tray (we recommend using parchment paper on the tray).

Warm in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes, until heated through.

How do I prepare the BBQ duck?

Fully defrost the BBQ duck using your preferred method. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Remove the duck from its plastic packaging, and place on a baking tray (we use parchment paper to make clean-up easier).

Place in the middle rack, and heat for 35-45 minutes, until heated through.

How do I prepare smoked duck breast and duck farmer sausage?

These products can be served cold or warm.

For serving cold, defrost using your favourite method, then thinly slice. We like serving them this way for charcuterie boards on on top of salads.

For serving warm, first fully defrost. They are fully cooked already, so your options are endless. You can pan sear them, bake to warm them up, thinly slice and fry until crispy, slice up and add to casseroles, or use in sandwiches.


What do you mean it's a family farm?

We are the Falk family! We live and work on our family farm, and we are dedicated to making every aspect of our poultry production the best it can be. We love to farm and produce good food!

We are hard at work in every stage of raising and processing our flocks, right up to the moment we put your frozen meat box on the truck. Many of our staff members are also literally in our family, or they are related to each other! Many of our workers feel like family because they’ve been here for so long (and we hired their relatives too).

If you want to follow our farming life online, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @fraservalleyspecialtypoultry

How are your ducks raised?

Our ducklings are started in a warm, cozy barn before they’re old enough (and have enough feathers) to move into an open-airflow barn. Always free run, our ducks are never caged. They enjoy an unlimited supply of fresh well water from the aquifer, as well as Canadian grains only. Fresh wood shavings are added every day.

We oversee the entire lifespan of our duck flocks, from ordering in “grandparent stock” from France, to raising ducks for breeding the eggs, to collecting and hatching eggs, and then raising the birds. It’s full-cycle farming, ensuring health and wellness of our poultry at every stage.

How are your specialty chickens raised?

Our chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics, so it’s vitally important to keep the flocks healthy. They enjoy a free run barn and are never caged, with bedding made from fresh wood shavings for them to scratch. We feed them a diet of Canadian whole grains and fresh water.

How are your Loong Kong (Taiwanese) chickens raised?

Our Loong Kong (Taiwanese) chicken are in free run barns, with carefully controlled lighting and temperature for optimal growth. Never caged, the flocks enjoy scratching at their bedding of wood shavings, and eating Canadian whole grains and drinking fresh well water from the aquifer. Our Loong Kong (Taiwanese) chicken are raised for much longer than your typical grocery-store chicken in order to plump up their dark meat in the leg muscles and wings.

How are your squabs raised?

Squabs are raised completely differently than our other poultry flocks. While they are also free run (and free fly within the barn), we take care of every stage of development continuously, together in one barn. That means the parent birds have access to Canadian grains, they breed and lay their eggs, hatch them themselves, and feed their own young until maturity, whenever they want. The squabs that reach full weight for harvest are then hand-selected from the flock.

How do you make ready-to-eat duck products?

We raise our duck on the family farm, but when it comes to smoking duck and making sausages, we outsource it to the experts. Our duck farmer sausage, duck pepperoni, and smoked duck breast are made by Johnston’s Local Quality, and blueberry duck sausage is made by Stapleton Sausage, using our local duck.

We are happy to partner with foodies who take our poultry and create delicious smoked meats and meals – a great way for our customers to try duck for the first time.

Please note that our ready-to-eat duck is processed in a facility that also processes smoked pork products, and our duck farmer sausage and duck blueberry sausage contain pork casing. We mention this to be sensitive to people’s religious and personal choices surrounding pork products.

Our Family Loves to Farm and Produce Good Food

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