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Our Farm

Our Family Loves to Farm and Produce Good Food


That’s our motto, but it’s not just words to us. We’ve farmed here in the Fraser Valley for five generations now, and it goes back many more years in what is now called the Ukraine. We don’t know how many generations it goes back exactly, it’s just what our family does. Dozens of our employees are related to each other, and to our family. Our staff list could read like a family tree.

Being connected to the land, living together and working with our animals and fields – that’s what the good life means to us. It also means sharing the good food we grow, and seeing what other families create for their dinner table.

Thank you for bringing our family-raised food into your family home.

From Our Farm to Your Family


Everything is done on our farm, and sent straight to your family. We take care of every aspect of raising top quality poultry and delivering it to you without setting foot in a grocery store. From laying eggs, to raising chickens and ducks, to butchering, packaging, freezing, and shipping out, everything is done from our farm.

We call it “full circle” farming. When you order frozen poultry from us, you know that everything was raised, processed, and packaged up for you, all on the same location at our family farm.

We go above and beyond the rules and regulations for health and safety, including daily sanitation of our plant, sanitized work outfits for our employees, and training in hand-washing with the addition of protective gloves.

best practices in Animal Welfare


We control every step the goes into raising our specialty poultry, and we care about giving our flocks the best living conditions possible. When you allow your birds to thrive, the result is a top-quality product.

Every detail is important to us. That’s why we feed our flocks Canadian whole grains raised by Canadian farmers, we provide fresh water direct from our aquifer (no city water for our birds), and lay down fresh wood-chip bedding. Every single kind of poultry we produce is free run, and enjoys spacious cage-free barns with plenty of natural light.

There are no added hormones, animal byproducts, or antibiotics used in any of our poultry. The health of our birds are monitored constantly.

Our Fraser Valley Hometown


Everyone knows each other in Yarrow, the small farming community nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Fraser River.

Our family farm is steps away from The Old Yale Wagon trail – the historic path farmers used to take along the mountain to bring their goods to customers downtown. And we’re right next to the train tracks that have connected rural communities to Vancouver for more than 100 years.

To the north is Vedder River (a world-class fishing spot), and to the south Vedder Mountain (famous for mountain biking). We even have a mountain biking trail named after us, the Duck Farm Loop. If you’re ever in town, come say hi at our shop, The Farm Store in Yarrow.

Our Family Loves to Farm and Produce Good Food

Our family is growing! We would like to invite you to join our FVSP family. Search for current opportunities in our career section or send your resume to

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