Asian Breed Emperor Chicken 黃金等級走地三黃雞

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What is Emperor Chicken?

Emperor Chicken, also called “三黃雞” (Sānhuángjī, Three Yellow Chicken), is a specialty Asian chicken that is known for its yellow beak, skin, and feet. This chicken is raised older and larger than the regular Loong Kong Chicken, lending more flavour to the meat, but it’s most distinguished by its thick layer of fat under the skin and marbling in the meat. The higher fat content gives a succulent and tender texture when cooked whole, especially when it’s deep fried or baked.

FVSP Emperor 3 Chicken

Our free run FVSP Emperor Chickens are locally and humanely raised within spacious barns, with access to fresh water and food daily, at our farm surrounded by the beauty of nature in Chilliwack, British Columbia. As our premium product, they are processed with a golden standard that exceeds the Grade A specifications followed by the industry.

FVSP Emperor Chickens have a thicker, tastier meat than mainstream broiler chickens and are suitable for both Asian and Western cuisine. They are perfect for deep frying, baking, roasting, and making soup stock. Try our Emperor Chicken for your next chicken dish!


三黃雞的「三黃」指的是黃羽、黃喙、黃腳,同時皮膚也是黃色的雞。 此種雞肉質嫩滑,皮脆骨軟,脂肪豐滿且味道鮮美。三黃雞原產於兩廣、福建、江浙一帶,是中國原生的土雞品種,遠在明朝已作為貢品供皇室享用。

三黃雞肉質鮮美嫩滑、皮薄脆口,骨細味濃、風味獨特,適合煎煮炒炸,也適合用於燉湯及烘烤。 其肉質之鮮美,肉香之濃郁使其獲得大溫地區各大中西式餐廳主廚的青睞,用為主打雞肉菜色之重點食材。


山水農場三黃雞為卑斯省本地飼養產品。 山水農場坐落於卑詩省低陸平原的Chilliwack, 該區為卑詩省重要農產區,水質潔淨,群山環繞,空氣清新,最是適合家禽養殖。山水農場重視人道養殖,所有三黃雞皆為走地雞,生長環境空間寬廣,提供充足水分與山水農場獨家專業調配的飼料,營養均衡,自然健康。雞舍定期更換木屑鋪地,更以最先進的技術24小時電腦調控雞舍溫度、光線及雞隻活動情形,確保雞隻健康成長。

好山好水環境下成長的山水農場三黃雞比一般的龍崗走地雞飼養期要來得長,因此體型較大,肉質也更為鮮甜及耐煮。山水農場三黃雞屠宰及包裝流程採山水農場黃金標準,該標準比業界採用的Grade A規格更為嚴格,所有雞隻都以最完美的狀態提供給消費者,因此特別適合您用來宴客。下次您想大展身手,為家人朋友烹煮精緻美味的雞肉料理時,山水農場黃金等級三黃雞將是您的最佳選擇。


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