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We deliver anywhere in BC that can be reached by FedEx Priority. All poultry products are shipped frozen.


Where else can you get gourmet, local duck meat, raised by BC farmers and delivered straight to your door? It is perfect for roasting or barbecuing, resulting in delicious, tender meat and crisp, buttery skin. We hatch, raise, and process our "Grade A" Pekin ducks on our family farm in Chilliwack, and ship directly from the farm to you. Through careful on-farm management, we guarantee top quality duck in both raw and ready to eat options.

Local whole duck

Whole Duck

1 PER PACK || AVG. 2.5 kg


BC duck legs

Duck Legs

2 per pack || Avg. 0.5 kg


BC duck breast

Duck Breasts

2 per pack || Avg. 0.43 kg


Lean Ground Duck

Ground Duck

1 PER PACK || AVG. 0.53kg


Prepared Duck Confit

Duck Confit

2 per pack || Avg. 0.35 kg


Dollar Meats BBQ duck

BBQ Peking Duck 港式燒鴨



Duck Farmer Sausage

Duck Farmer Sausage

1 PER PACK || AVG. 0.35 kg


Smoked Duck Breast Online

Smoked Duck Breast

1 PER PACK || AVG. 0.23 kg


Duck Pepperoni

Duck Pepperoni

4 PER PACK || AVG. 0.2 KG


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Our chickens are different from your typical chicken because they are raised without the use of antibiotics. That's why we do everything possible to keep them healthy and warm, from feeding them premium Canadian whole grains and fresh water straight from our aquifer, to maintaining a free run barn with fresh wood shavings.

Whole Organic Chicken

Whole Chicken

1 PER PACK || AVG. 1.7 kg


Organic skinless chicken breast

Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breasts

2 per pack || Avg. 0.53 kg


Organic Chicken breasts

Bone In Chicken Breasts

2 per pack || Avg. 0.65 kg


organic chicken drumsticks

Chicken Drumsticks

4 per pack || Avg. 0.5 kg


Organic Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs

2 per pack || Avg. 0.44 kg


Full chicken wings

Whole Chicken Wings

5-6 PER PACK || AVG. 0.35 KG


organic chicken wings

Split Chicken Wings

6-8 per pack || Avg. 0.35 kg


Bone In Chicken Thighs

4 per pack || Avg. 0.35 kg


Skinless, Boneless Chicken Thighs

4 per pack || Avg. 0.4 kg


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Also called Taiwanese Chicken, the Loong Kong Chicken is a specialty Asian breed that is known for its yellow beak, feet, large legs, and yellow-brown feathers. Its robust, flavourful meat can take the hearty simmering techniques in Chinese dishes and other Asian cuisine, and will hold up better than a broiler chicken. This free-run chicken is great for deep frying, baking, roasting, and making soup stock. 龍崗走地雞(台灣土雞) 山水農場出品的龍崗雞(台灣土雞)是本地養殖的亞洲品種土雞,以黃色的喙、腳、長腿和黃棕色的羽毛而聞名。龍崗雞的口感符合華人口味,適宜燉湯、熱炒、白切等料理烹調方式,是養生進補、產後調理、款待賓客時的絕佳選擇。

loong kong taiwanese chicken

Loong Kong Chicken – Female 龍崗走地雞(母雞)

1 PER PACK || AVG. 1.5 kg


Loong Kong Chicken – Male 龍崗走地雞(公雞)

1 PER PACK || AVG. 1.5 kg


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For gourmet tastes, we offer specialty, free run poultry that's raised without the use of antibiotics or animal byproducts. The result is tender, flavourful meat, and a variety of species offered on a seasonal schedule.

local whole goose

Embden Goose

1 PER PACK || AVG. 4.5 kg


Buy squab


1 PER PACK || AVG. 0.43 kg


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COMING SOON - Cook poultry to perfection with parchment bags, ties, brining bags and more - plus branded merch like YETI thermoses and aprons.

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